When Was the Last Time You Repainted Your Home?

When Was the Last Time You Repainted Your Home?

Contact Freedom Renovations for exterior painting services in Statesville or Cornelius, NC

Maybe you've recently updated your flooring or repainted your walls. Your house looks brand new on the inside-shouldn't it look just as striking on the outside? Freedom Renovations, Inc. can make your house a dream home by repainting the exterior. We're a full-service renovation company that now offers exterior painting services.

If you live in Cornelius, NC; Statesville, NC; or the vicinity, contact us today to speak with an experienced painting contractor.

3 reasons to rely on the exterior painting pros

House painting doesn't have to be a do-it-yourself project. By hiring a painting contractor at Freedom Renovations, you can...

  1. Save time: You won't have to do any of the prep work. We'll remove peeling paint and fill cracks before painting the fa├žade.
  2. Save money: Forget about freshening up the paint every few months. We use high-quality products to ensure your exterior looks newer longer.
  3. Boost your curb appeal: We can help you choose a color scheme that best suits your Statesville or Cornelius, NC property.

Expect nothing short of exceptional service from our family-owned and -operated exterior painting company. Call 704-661-0999 today to make an appointment.